Hiring of welding teams

We hire teams of experienced welders in welding methods 131 (MIG), 135 (MAG), 141 (TIG) and 111 (coated electrode). Our employees are characterised by high, confirmed qualifications. Rent-Weld welders fabricate steel structures, stainless steel tanks, machinery for heavy industry. All employees have up-to-date certificates and certificates needed to carry out the work. Rent-Weld welding brigades are appreciated by customers from all over Europe.

Production of steel structures

We manufacture stainless steel, black steel and aluminium components according to customers’ specifications and technical documentation. Among our realisations are:

    • machine housings and bodies
    • industrial balustrades
    • industrial stairs
    • steel tanks (up to 10m3)
    • black steel constructions
    • stainless steel structures
    • ventilation shafts
    • containers in black and stainless steel
    • Prefabrication of steel components

Prefabrication of steelelements

We offer prefabrication of steel components, without which industrial plants cannot operate. The prefabrications are prepared according to the order and the technical documentation sent in, so that they fit into the customer’s larger structures.

What can we do?

  • cutting
  • tube bending
  • bending of finished metal sheets
  • spinning
  • turning
  • bending
  • milling
  • additional metalworking

Welding, assembly, consulting

Rent-Weld’s products and services are largely performed on the basis of technical documentation developed by customers, as they are the ones who know the specifics of their business. Of course, based on experience from various industries and on the basis of projects already completed, we provide technical advice during the realisation of the project.

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